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We started this site because we are a couple that met online and then in person, and we thought we could do a better job of helping people find their love in the Philippines. We added things to the site that we had issues with or wasted a lot of time. We feel like keeping that knowledge to ourselves would be selfish and we want to help others. For example, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best site to use for a flight and hotel. We share that HERE. Then after we met and wanted to get married we did the Do-It-Yourself Approach and acquired a lot of knowledge which we share HERE. And while we waited it was necessary to send money and we found the easiest and fastest way HERE.

We feel like we are more than a dating site. We feel like we’re a One-Stop-Shop for all your needs through the process. We do it all for free and use small ad placements. And we have a Donation area with a goal to reach so that we can improve on the site and make our free services more available. We hope that you’re so happy with what you got from our site that you will want to join us by sharing your experiences.

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